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Without proper treatment, compressed air contains solid, liquid, and gaseous contaminants, which reduce the efficiency of your compressed air system, increase your operating expenses, and jeopardize product quality.


Hankison Non-Cycling

Lans Company recommends Hankison products which lower operating costs, reduce downtime, and help to ensure product quality with cool, clean and dry compressed air for use.


  • Quality components for 50 to 330 scfm (85 to 561 nm3/h)

  • System incorporates compact heat exchanger technology

  • Integral filtration

  • Emm (Energy Management Monitor) support.
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HF Series Compressed Air Filters

A choice of Seven Element Grades allows you to design a system that delivers the air quality you require.

Hankison Filters

  • Grade 1 - Oil Vapor Removal Filter
  • Grade 3 - Ultra High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter
  • Grade 5 - High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter
  • Grade 6 - Dry Particulate Air Line Filter
  • Grade 7 - General Purpose Air Line Filter
  • Grade 9 - Separator/Filter
  • Grade 11 - Moisture Separator

  • HF Series Filters feature:
  • Push-on elements make element replacement easy
  • Piston type element to housing seal keeps unfiltered air from by-passing element
  • Corrosion resistant cores-Stainless steel for added structural integrity
  • Low resistance to flow-Seam welded for extra strength
  • Ensures high efficiencies-large open area minimizes pressure drop
  • Coated, closed cell foam sleeve - resists chemical attack from oils and acids
  • Ensures high efficiencies by preventing re-entrainment of coalesced liquids
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Beko Vacuum Pumps

DRYPOINT® RAx Premium Refrigeration Dryers

With DRYPOINT® RAx, these operating costs can be reduced by almost half, considering a period of time of five years. In the return-on-investment calculation, the full potential of the new refrigeration-dryer generation is proven: the dryers pay off within an operation time of only six months.

Beko RAx

  • Aluminium Heat Exchanger

  • Energy Savings

  • Integrated Bekomat Drain

  • Varioflow Hot gas By-Pass Valve

  • Maintenance Friendly
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BEKOMAT Standard Drains

BEKOMAT condensate drains operate with a capacitive sensor. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed-air losses and minimise the energy demand.

Beko Drains

  • True zero air loss: Maximum energy savings

  • Highest Reliability: Unaffected by dirt

  • Lowest Maintenance: Reduce Overall Time and Cost

  • Sensor Controlled: Safe for All Condensate Types

  • Fully Automatic: Monitors Level and Function

  • Integrated Alarm: With Potential Free Contact
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BEKO Oil/Water Separators

BEKO Technologies has been at the forefront of oil-water separation and condensate processing technology for more than three decades. Through intense research and development, and consistent upgrades and improvements over time, our devices have become the standard of the industrial sector - often copied, but never duplicated

Beko Oil/Water Separators

  • Fully adaptable and configurable multiple inlet adapter for every application

  • Suitable for piston compressors

  • Operator-friendly cartridge technology

  • Superior filter material

  • Extended maintenance intervals

  • Operationally reliable

  • Optional heating system
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Pneumatech Vacuum Pumps

Pneumatech Dryer Systems

Pneumatech AD non-cycling dryers

Pneumatech AD non-cycling dryers

  • Minimize the pressure drop - with high-quality components.
  • Limited energy consumption - by zero loss drain.
  • Highly efficient - low refrigeration kW at full load.
  • Integrated air-to-air heat exchanger on all models.
  • Hot gas bypass valve on even the smallest units in the range.
  • No-air-loss electronic drain on all models.
  • Remote start stop & general alarm system.
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Pneumatech ADA high temperature air dryers

Pheumatech ADA High Temp

Pneumatech's Air Flow Controllers

Becker Oil-less Vacuum Pump

Efficiency is important to Lans Company and we strive to ensure highest levels of profitability for our customers. In order to save electrical costs in wasted air, Lans Company specifies Pneumatech's air flow controllers. These controllers monitor and stabilize air pressure by adjusting flow instantaneously. Air is released from stored air tanks to maintain a continuous, optimal air pressure supply which reduces waste from leaks and constant air for production. Pneumatech also carries a comprehensive line of air treatment products.
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