Mattei AC Series

Mattei Air Compressors

Lans Company believes that rotary vane compressors are a better and more efficient way to generate compressed air. We trust Mattei rotary vane technology and their superior reliability and maximum efficiency with the best warranty in the industry.

Mattei AC Series

  • Efficient: Vane compressors deliver 90% mechanical efficiency. As speed decreases the compressor efficiency increases.
  • Peace of Mind: Vane compressors are designed for low speeds and long life (backed by a Revolutionary 10 Year Warranty)
  • Durable: 100,000 hour Compressor Airend design (>2X the life of a rotary screw)
  • Economical: High productivity, low operating cost. (Energy Saving kW/100 scfm design)
  • Simple: Direct Drive, less moving parts. (Recently Patented advancements)

  • Mattei AC SeriesCompressed Air and Energy Chart
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    Mattei ERC Series

    Mattei's open frame air compressors known as, The ERC Series range from 2HP through 100HP. These air compressors are built with a sleek reliable design and Just like Mattei's other Models, these compressors are energy savers!

    Options include floor mounted, tank mounted, complete integrated dryer system, oil free screw, oil free scroll and variable speed compressors.

    Mattei ERC Compressors
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    Mattei Blade Series

    The Blade By Mattei Air Compressor is a new series launched in 2015. These units are designed with Mattei's signature dual V belt system. These line of compressors are built to last, keeps noise level low and best of all cosumes up to 20% less energy.

    • Ideal for: Workshops, Auto Body Shops, Mechanic Shops
    • Base Mount: Use your existing air tanks as storage
    • Simple Controls: Built in microprocessor for automatic modes
    • Really Quite: Powder Coated in stainless steal cabinets
    • Air treatment: Cooled after cooler with 18°F approach temperature
    Mattei Blade Series
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    FS Curtis Air Compressor

    FS-Curtis Air Compressors

    For higher pressure applications or hostile environments, Lans Company recommends FSCurtis Compressors. The FSCurtis pressure lubricated Masterline of compressors is one of the top-performing machines providing years of reliable service. FSCurtis builds into each of their compressors Made in America high quality components and forward thinking design providing long-lasting durability. FSCurtis manufactures a complete line of piston, rotary screw and oil-free compressed air systems.

    FS-Curtis ML Series "Masterline"

  • Centro-Ring Pressure Lubrication - Patented FS-Curtis design
  • 100% Cast-Iron Cylinders, Cylinder heads, connecting rods, and crankshaft - All cast-iron where it counts for longer life
  • Industry-leading stainless-steel valve assemblies for increased airflow and reliability
  • Simplex compressors are well suited for common applications where only one compressor is needed
  • Compressors alternate during normal operation
  • FSCurtis Masterline Air Compressors
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